Sheds built with proprietary technology

Sheds that are being built at Galvani in Serra do Salitre use treated eucalyptus logs on pre-tensioned concrete pillars, a technology developed and patented by Galvani for fertilizers storage. This system expands spans and heights, with sustainability, costs savings and construction rapidity. The innovating solution developed with the use of treated wood and larger spacing protects parts and assures a simplified maintenance, thanks to galvanized joints and fittings and to the own features of material employed – wood.


New silo is innovative and provided with automated operation

Construction of coarse concentrate silo, made in reinforced concrete in tapered form and 30-m deep, presents a large portion of its volume under ground level. System, fully differentiated and developed in-house, will enable a fully automated operation, with a single loading and unloading point, operated by level sensors.  The material will enter through the top, in flute pipes to avoid segregation, and will exit by the bottom in a conveyor belt confined in a reinforced concrete buried tunnel. Besides being optimized from operational perspective, solution assures a reliable and safe storage for rock concentrate.

Experience in work at height techniques

Serra do Salitre Complex construction technique reminds an industrial assembly line, with materials that are apparently simple, but with much higher result and performance. In this phase, experience from Galvani's teams (engineers and carpenters), good practices developed by company – with the support from Safety and Environment areas to assure a safe work– are essential to assure project safety.

Safer and differentiated dams

Main dam (Sabão 1) was built with a clay wall and drain. Rising is foreseen to meet demands from plant in functioning, but with a differential: this rising will never use flooded area, assuring a strict quality control of deposited material.

Larger products mix to meet specific demands

Another innovation is the capability of producing differentiated items to meet more and more demanding markets and specific solutions for rural producers. Thanks to Galvani's experience and its search for new available technologies (including a partnership with INCRO, from Spain); project was conceived with a very flexible products mix. There is even the possibility that, in a near future, even more differentiated products are included in produced portfolio.